Re: Webfont compression

Thanks John, that's useful. (I was going to follow up with similar  
thoughts, but based on supposition - I could not bear to use WEFT on a  
broad range of fonts.)

To foundries wondering about the benefits of MTX compression on their  
own fonts, I suggest they perform tests using WEFT on the fonts they  
guess their customers are going to want on the web, subsetted to Latin  
1 as well as complete, before declaring font-specific compression  
essential. Is there a command-line tool that could be released for  
this purpose (and others)?

One question to which I'd be interesting in hearing answers from  
foundries is this: if you've fielded enquiries for web fonts, have  
those enquiries been mainly for headlines or for text?

- L

On 21 Jul 2009, at 21:12, John Daggett wrote:

> Laurence Penney wrote:
>> It seems to me the benefits of Monotype's Microtype Express
>> compression are being oversold.
> There was a related thread back at the end of June:
> John Daggett
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