Re: .webfont Proposal 2

Also sprach Thomas Phinney:

 > > I'm not comfortable having root strings, even if the specification
 > > says they can be ignored. For one, we could see heavy lobbying to
 > > remove the "can be ignored" part in the next version of the
 > > specification. Second, some judge somewhere could rule that his laws
 > > (DMCA perhaps) trumps any specification and that implementations
 > > therefore must "honor" root strings.
 > Don't enforce the root string, just refuse to render a font with a
 > root string at all. Anywhere.

That would take care of the legal problem. But unless all browsers
agree on this, interoperability suffers.

A better solution, I believe, is to remove root strings from the spec.

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Received on Saturday, 18 July 2009 15:00:50 UTC