Re: .webfont Proposal

John, a quick comment on a detail of interest:

On Thu, 2009-07-09 at 13:06 -0700, John Daggett wrote:
> > Do you have any comments on the proposal beyond the <allow> element?
> [....] Personally, I would much prefer to see a format defined for
> license-related data in the license record of the name table, that way
> it would work for both raw OTF/TTF and some compressed/obfuscated
> format.

I'm looking at thing like the recent experience of the 
HTML5 WG - the collapse around <video> and so forth....

My objection in part to using the license record of the name table
of particular font formats is that it implies a design 
principle wherein for every single damn media file format
of any kind, we need to add new rules for the equivalent 
of interpreting a "license record of the name table".

A generic solution - a container format - a wrapper format - 
can nail the issue once and for all across all media types.


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