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Re: .webfont Proposal

From: Erik van Blokland <erik@letterror.com>
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2009 09:26:20 +0200
Cc: Tal Leming <tal@typesupply.com>, www-font <www-font@w3.org>
Message-Id: <4375B7D7-E2A8-4BFF-AFA8-37120B7CB634@letterror.com>
To: Thomas Lord <lord@emf.net>

On Jul 9, 2009, at 12:08 AM, Thomas Lord wrote:

> Suppose that all of that is fine with you
> and Erik and the font vendors.  You can separate
> representation from logical structure and have a more binary
> friendly format such as MIME.  You can work with,
> perhaps extending, the ccREL vocabulary.

I'l have a look, thanks.

Two concerns though.

At first glance it seems ccREL offers licensing info on elements that  
end up on a page, which implies some sort of UI behaviour. A font  
would not have a straightforward location for such data, as it is  
everywhere and nowhere.

Working with ccREL would mean trying to convince the Creative Commons  
about adding support for non-CC proprietary stuff? While these are all  
sympathetic folks, it would just be another uphill battle. I think we  
can take ideas from proposals like ccREL, it certainly helps to be  
able to point to precedence.

>  I would suggest that
> the meta-data should be HTML.

In which context would this be visible?

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