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On Fri, 2009-07-03 at 01:03 +0000, Sylvain Galineau wrote:

> Switching my gender, however, 

An honest mistake.  My apologies.  Your being
worldly and apparently "Continental" I assume
that you do not suffer the kind of homosexual
panic that would cause far too many USians
to over-react to such a mistake.

> It's Mr Galineau to you, Mr Lord. And it shall remain so until I undertake expensive - and expansive - surgery. (...even if some people may argue the French do not need transgender surgery...)

FWIW, I think that that's an impressive rhetorical
flourish.  I enjoyed reading it for what it is.
Top notch.  Get it off your chest and that's a 
fair enough way to do it.  Not that either of us
here to flame for flame's sake but, yours there
made me chuckle.

I've never met someone named "Sylvain" before
and it looked to me close enough to "Sylvia"
that I just assumed and meant to be polite, not
offensive, in the gender-specific words.

> >That kind of statement simply does not follow
> >from any of the preceding conversation.  I have
> >difficulty forming any generous interpretation
> >of how you arrived at that.
> >
> >For decades I have heard my older industry peers
> >tell tales of Microsoft's thuggery in matters such
> >as this and until TODAY I was highly skeptical.
> >
> >I thought they were exaggerating.  Do you mean
> >to prove me wrong?
> For decades from your older industry peers ? 
> The Microsoft I work at went public in 1986. 
> Who's exaggerating ?

23 years counts as decades.  The first sense I
got of this cultural claim was round-about 1987 or
1988 at Carnegie Mellon University.


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