Re: Origin of Verdana

Thus spake Chris Lilley:

> > [Bill Hill] On our
> > Microsoft Typography Website, we try to use sizes that will work on
> > system they're viewed.
> That is good to hear - others had reported that, contrary to the
> recommendations in the CSS1 standard, type was being speced in points
> and thus looked too small on Macs (as, conversely, mac designers spec
> type in points that is too big on Windows).

Correction: Mac designers get paid handsomely to rasterize most everything
into GIFs before it ever gets to the server, viz: ; ; ; ; ; ; ;;; ; ; ; ; ; ;

Even is absolutely chock-a-block with GIF text,
pixel-speced tables, pixel-speced frames, pixel-spacer GIFs, pixel-speced
new windows, pixel-speced everything - EXCEPT TEXT. This is speced in
another unit system - one with an ambiguous relation to the first. And this
in the name of "preserving design integrity." Or something.

Todd Fahrner

Received on Thursday, 26 February 1998 04:23:52 UTC