Re: Origin of Verdana

Todd Fahrner wrote at 26/02/98 9:22 am

>Correction: Mac designers get paid handsomely to rasterize most everything
>into GIFs before it ever gets to the server, viz:

Actually, just to labour the point, *designers* get paid hansomely to 
rasterise text to bitmaps, Mac users are far from alone in doing this 
(although some research shows that they are responsible for the largest 
proportion of professionally designed and implemented sites).

This often isn't the fault of the designer, or web implementor, clients 
demand this stuff, even when you try your best to talk them out of it 
("this will look like junk on system x").


And the list goes on, though from my perspective Microsoft's home page is 
probably one of the worst and most visible examples of this kind of 

-- Clive

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