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TrueDoc ( was Re[5]: Protecting WebFonts )

From: Brad Chase <brad_chase@met.bitstream.com>
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 96 08:03:22 edt
Message-Id: <9607278411.AA841159899@met.bitstream.com>
To: www-font@w3.org
Clive wrote:

> As far as I remember it a fax has a fixed resolution, TruDoc has no such 
> limitation, it embeds vector based fonts in documents, this has no 
> resemblence to a fax whatsoever.

I only said TrueDoc performs the same function, it this case transporting 
glyphs shapes to a document reader, not that it does it the same way. An 
airplane performs the same function as a ship - it transports people across an 
ocean. The method you choose depends on what kind of travel experience you 
want. ;-)
> Isn't this what it [TrueDoc] is and what it does:
>       (diatribe removed)

Despite repeated explanations here, and the information available on our web 
site (www.bitstream.com), you clearly still do not understand what TrueDoc is 
and how it works. 

In your defense, the information provided on the w3c site is inaccurate. 
(www.w3.org/pub/WWW/Fonts) We will work to correct it. If you are basing your 
comments and criticisms on this information, I suggest you take a look at our 
site instead.

I suspect that you're never going to like TrueDoc, and that's OK, but I do wish 
you would argue the facts. The whole point of this mailing list is to have a 
CONSTRUCTIVE discussion on how to improve things, particularly fonts on the web.

Finally, I think you should note that Bitstream derives a significant portion of
it's revenue stream from fonts. We have a vested interest in ensuring their 
continued value. I think our public statements and licensing agreements back 
this up:

1) Our standard TrueDoc licensing agreement says:

     "Licensee shall not modify an outline for the purpose of sublicensing a 
     different typeface, nor permit or authorize its sublicensees to do so 
     unless otherwise permitted in Exhibit A of this contract." 
     (Exhibit A would be used to grant a license to distribute BITSTREAM fonts 
     if the lincensee wished to purchase such a license.)
2) Our web site states (http://www.bitstream.com/tdfaq.htm#FEATi):

     "These generated fonts [the output from TrueDoc] are installed only 
     temporarily for the purpose of rendering and viewing the original document. 
     Bitstream does not condone and does not knowingly allow such regenerated 
     fonts to be used for any other purpose."

Can we get any more unequivocal?

     Brad Chase
     Product Manager
     Bitstream Inc.
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