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Re[5]: Protecting WebFonts

From: Brad Chase <brad_chase@met.bitstream.com>
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 96 08:03:51 edt
Message-Id: <9607278411.AA841159903@met.bitstream.com>
To: www-font@w3.org
erik van blokland wrote:

> Furthermore, it is unwise to believe in the possibility of secrets, and 
> finally, the integrity of users towards fonts has been thoroughly 
> tested in the world of personal computing already...
I agree. It was that premise that started this thread on protecting fonts. 
Something I think we should get back to.

Whether fonts are distributed as outlines or bitmaps, unless protected they 
are still subject to theft. It's no more difficult to write a font crawler 
that collects a full set of pixel fonts in various sizes than it is to 
write one to collect outlines. 

> Anything that's decided on as the webfonts standard will be obsolete in 
> two years anyway, just because the introduction of type is going to 
> raise the expectation of webtypography *so much* that current outline 
> based proposals have to be completely revamped anyway.
The W3C font work group has been working very hard to design a mechanism 
that is easily extensible to handle the wide variety of font mechanisms - 
those existing and those yet to be created. I think we've been successful, 
but you'll get an opportunity to judge for yourself in the near future.

The current font draft will allow LettError to create a pixel font engine 
for use with their fonts. It will plug right in, invisible to the end 
user. Go for it.

     Brad Chase
     Product Manager
     Bitstream Inc.
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