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Re[4]: pixel fonts

From: Brad Chase <brad_chase@met.bitstream.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 96 10:27:41 edt
Message-Id: <9607128398.AA839871589@met.bitstream.com>
To: www-font@w3.org
Erik van Blokland wrote:
> Developments like Truedoc won't do the trick: the reasoning is (by IMO 
> dubious interpretation of _US_ copyright law) by making a lower 
> quality copy of the font, people won't be interested in pirating it. 
> But: the font was good enough to use it in the orginal Truedoc 
> document, so why raise you standards?

As paper has been the font transport mechanism in traditional publishing, 
TrueDoc is a font transport mechanism in electronic publishing. It provides 
the means for the legitimate owner/licensee of a font to publish documents 
electronically using that font. Nothing more. Nothing less.

TrueDoc faithfully reproduces font images at all resolutions. Indeed, 
TrueDoc format fonts are used in a number of laser printers. It is NOT a 
means for skirting copyright laws or for illegally copying fonts.

Actually TrueDoc addresses a number of your concerns:
  - TrueDoc files (PFRs) must be decoded to be used (preventing copying)
  - TrueDoc provides secure installation into the client environment
        so that only the installing application can use the font
  - TrueDoc is capable of transporting bitmap data

I hope this cuts through some of the confusion concerning TrueDoc. If I can 
be of any further assistance, please contact me.

        Brad Chase

        Product Manager
        Bitstream Inc.
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