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At the closing session of the W3C DRM meeting, I well recall the final
whiteboarding session which concluded with drawing up three top level
activities which we felt should be reconciled, converged, recognised, or at
least talking to each other. These were W3c (of course), MPEG-21,  and
indecs (each of which had been described in the meeting at length).  

I was disappointed therefore to see that the published final Report makes no
mention in "Related Activities" of indecs, or of DOI which is implementing
many of the key issues discussed.  The final whitebaorded diagram seems to
have been erased from history.  Although there is scattered mention in the
detailed minutes, I believe the final report should reflect this more in
line with the actual discussion.  In particular indecs is I believe very
relevant as a study for the development of a Rights Data Dictionary (RDD), a
common dictionary or vocabulary for intellectual property rights, based on
the <indecs> Framework [which outlined the fundamental principals and key
terminology implemented in DOI applications and ONIX (widely used in
publishing and increasingly with audiovisual products)] is even now under
way. (see One of the aims
of this study is to provide input to MPEG 21 and other standards activities.


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Dear all, 

the Summary Report of the Workshop is now published[1]. Please
review all, and send comments to the authors, me or our
mailing-list: The mailing-list is the preferred
place for discussion.

If you find typos or mistakes, please let me know. 



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