Re: DOM 3 Events - Burgeoning with Features!

  There's a thread on the public-canvas-api mailing list, speaking to the
vast complexities of text entry; Oliver Hunt put forward some good examples
of how complex text editing can be.

It seems reasonable, to me, that text editing and IMEs be looked into on 
its own
specc and terms.


On 10/2/2010 1:01 AM, Garrett Smith wrote:
> I think we're all well aware of the monstrosity that has become D3E.
> D3E should be cut way back; it is too large and too complicated.
> Individual events and keyboard specificity are not "core" features;
> they are details and particulars of specific events. These events
> should be moved each to a separate specification.
> Moving specific event specification details to independent
> specifications will help reveal the real "core" of DOM 3 Events; so
> that core can be looked at more closely and independently questioned;
> e.g. "should useCapture be optional" and ditto for the extracted/moved
> event "Should we specify keyCode and charCode".
> To put this idea to action, I suggest starting with the a complicated
> part of the spec that seems the least core. For example, keyboard
> events, which itself is about 30 pages long. I would extract that from
> the spec and move it to another document and see how it reads on its
> own.
> If further help is wanted, then a request can be made for an associate editor.
> Garrett

Received on Sunday, 3 October 2010 01:38:07 UTC