Re: Last Call comment: Deprecation of DOMAttrModified [ISSUE-135]

Hi, James-

My apologies for not responding when you sent your earlier proposal. 
For some reason (perhaps because it had an attachment and I received 
several copies from different list), it ended up in my spam filter, so I 
didn't see it; thanks for bringing it to my attention.

I see several parts of your proposal which could be considered for 
inclusion in DOM3 Events, but it's not clear which parts apply to which 
specifications, or indeed, if your proposal might not be considered as a 
standalone accessibility spec that builds on DOM3 Events, HTML5, etc. 
For now, I've flagged DOMAttrChangeRequest as ISSUE-135 [1], since you 
call attention specifically to that.

UIRequestEvent, UIScrollRequestEvent, and UIValueChangeRequestEvent also 
struck me as possible additions to DOM3 Events, which I will could raise 
as separate issues if that's your intent.  (I quite like the 
UIRequestEvent, it seems simple to implement and generally useful.)


-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs

James Craig wrote (on 9/20/10 8:22 PM):
> I have not received any response to this from the DOM group, and
> because DOM 3 has moved to Last Call, I want to make sure it's clear
> that this proposal was intended, in part, as an alternative for the
> deprecated DOMAttrModified in DOM 3.
> See DOMAttributeChangeRequestEvent, but please read it in the context
> of the larger document.
> On Mon, 30 Aug 2010, James Craig wrote
>> The following proposal is for consideration by the PF Working
>> Group, DOM Working Group, and HTML Working Group. It specifically
>> solves a few outstanding accessibility problems, but has much
>> broader implications, and could affect several recommendations,
>> including ARIA 2, DOM 3, and HTML 5. (Note: duplicate emails are
>> going out to a few relevant lists.)
>> Thanks, James Craig

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