Re: SVG: Accessible Forms


thanks for yet another well considered and easy-to-read response*!
your comments around ARIA and SVG are noted.

however you fail to address the central issue, which as Filipe Sanches  
wrote me in a private email, and which I believe correctly states the  

> Implementing it is not trivial and that is why this kind of thing  
> should be available as a general module. Preferably as part of the  
> spec in order to get it into every UA.

my query was intended to address this issue in particular. ie as to  
why whereas accessible html forms had been around for about a decade,  
accessible svg forms remain extremely hard to implement.
SVG1.1 has now been implemented by many UA and browsers, but still  
miss this vital  "user"  functionality.

There is a structural fault in the W3C process, and that is why  
process are copied into this thread.
in a sense this is a continuation of a previous thread** on that theme.

I would appreciate it, if you would consider further and respond.


Jonathan Chetwynd


 >> On being humane

I claim that developers and in particular the large corporations that  
fund w3c have undue influence.
The result is a failure to include users in, and put them at the  
centre of the w3c specification process,

*unfortunately, your reply never reached me, possibly due to your edit?

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