SVG: Accessible Forms

SVG: Accessible Forms

What action is being taken to develop an accessible input form** for  
	can and will it be implemented by UA developers?
	how long will we have to wait?
	will it be easy for authors to use?


Jonathan Chetwynd

**Input forms are the primary means that users have to purposefully  
and intentionally input information.

a keyboard navigable input form in SVG:
tested in Opera and Mozilla
nb xforms have not been used.
Improvements including generalisations that ease implementation for  
other authors, would be very welcome!

the SVG example from the XForms test suite has only very partially  
been implemented by the popular browsers:
	It is not clear to me at least, that the specifications and example  
given are sufficiently explicit that conforming browsers would all  
display near identically, there are currently rather significant  
	furthermore it is significantly harder for an author to implement  
than html forms.
	Do Xforms need to be explicitly focusable?
		my example uses anchors....

Received on Tuesday, 1 September 2009 12:41:30 UTC