DOM2 HTMLButtonElement: missing blur/focus methods?

Dear W3C experts:

I'm just starting to dig in the W3C-recommendations,so I might miss
something very elementary, now. But I'm very confused by the following

In the DOM2-Events-recommendation "focus" is a valid method for the
object "button, but in the DOM2-HTML-recommendation it's not mentioned
(just like in the DOM1-HTML-recommendation).

Could someone explain this? Thank you.


Document Object Model Events
    The focus event occurs when an element receives focus either via a
pointing device or by tabbing navigation. This event is valid for the
following elements: LABEL, INPUT, SELECT, TEXTAREA, and BUTTON.

Document Object Model HTML
Interface HTMLButtonElement

    Push button. See the BUTTON element definition in HTML 4.01.

    IDL Definition

interface HTMLButtonElement : HTMLElement {
  readonly attribute HTMLFormElement form;
           attribute DOMString       accessKey;
           attribute boolean         disabled;
           attribute DOMString       name;
           attribute long            tabIndex;
  readonly attribute DOMString       type;
           attribute DOMString       value;

Received on Wednesday, 20 November 2002 09:31:18 UTC