Re: DOM2 HTMLButtonElement: missing blur/focus methods?

> In the DOM2-Events-recommendation "focus" is a valid method for the
> object "button, but in the DOM2-HTML-recommendation it's not mentioned
> (just like in the DOM1-HTML-recommendation).
> Could someone explain this? Thank you.
> -----------------------------------------------
> focus
>     The focus event occurs when an element receives focus either via a
> pointing device or by tabbing navigation. This event is valid for the
> following elements: LABEL, INPUT, SELECT, TEXTAREA, and BUTTON.
> -----------------------------------------------

This doesn't say that <button> has a "focus" method.  It says that an event of
type "focus" is dispatched to the button, and if the button has an event
listener for this event type (created using addEventListener) the event
listener will be triggered.

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