Document Object Model (DOM) Level 3 Validation Specification


The Math Working Group has reviewed the DOM Level 3 Validation
Specification, and we have no objections to it.

However, we'd like to inquire about the possibility of more stringent
validation for particular XML dialects. In some cases notably MathML and
HTML) there are restrictions in the recommendations which aren't codifiable
in a DTD or W3C XML Schema. Do you feel that it would be appropriate for us
to define an extension of the NodeEditVAL interface for the MathML DOM,
adding a new CheckTypeVAL constant so that validation would include these
non-codifiable restrictions? (This would be named something like
"MATHML_STRICT_VALIDITY_CHECK", and would of necessity includes
STRICT_VALIDITY_CHECK.) A feature string such as "MATHML-VAL-DOC" would be
needed as well. Or do you see this as exceeding the mandate of validation?

Ron Ausbrooks

Received on Monday, 18 November 2002 13:24:47 UTC