Re: new draft for DOM Level 3 Core

Thanx for updating the namespaceNormalization alg,
The example given for B.1.1:Conflicting namespace declaration is little bit
It is telling we can have a same prefix pointing to more than it Correct?
feel free to correct me if understood wrongly
Suppose i have document fragment like this

<zeeJan:zeeKING xmlns:zeeJan="" FooJan:JustValue="Just A Value"
FooJan:Pagal="MADYFOO" FooJan:Pagal="TestME"
xmlns:FooJan="" xmlns:FooJan="" >

In the above fragment i have two attributes like  FooJan:Pagal="MADYFOO"
Prefix is same for both namespaceURI
According to u r exapmle the above one is correct..(my understanding)
when i open this in IE ,it giving error...

kindly help me to understand correctly,

Best Regards,

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Subject: new draft for DOM Level 3 Core

> This version introduces 2 new interfaces: TypeInfo and DOMConfiguration.
> The namespace algorithms has been modified and is in the process of
> being clarified. The draft is not ready to move to  last call but we're
> getting there...
> Philippe

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