Re: new draft for DOM Level 3 Core

Hi Pavithran,

Pavithran wrote:
> It is telling we can have a same prefix pointing to more than
> it Correct?

Yes, it is possible if user edits a DOM tree.

> <zeeJan:zeeKING xmlns:zeeJan="" FooJan:JustValue="Just A Value"
> FooJan:Pagal="MADYFOO" FooJan:Pagal="TestME"
> xmlns:FooJan="" xmlns:FooJan="" >
> In the above fragment i have two attributes like  FooJan:Pagal="MADYFOO"
> ,FooJan:Pagal="TestME"

The above is not well-formed per XML 1.0 [1] and per Namespaces [2].

To understand the namespace algorithms you need to read and understand
XML 1.0 and Namespaces in XML specifications.

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Elena Litani / IBM Toronto

Received on Monday, 28 October 2002 09:49:24 UTC