RE: usemap referencing external map definitions

On Wed, 2002-10-23 at 22:35, Brad Pettit wrote:
> So you are stating that implementations that do not support URLs which
> reference an external source in usemap could still be DOM2-compliant?

The DOM Level 2 HTML definition of useMap cannot change the HTML 4
definition and, in fact, we are only providing a link to the HTML4
specification so they change the definition, there will no need to
change anything in DOM Level 2 HTML in any case. Regarding conformance,
that's arguable I would say. Can you claim conformance to DOM Level 2
HTML if you don't support HTML4 or XHTML 1.0? The DOM Level 2 HTML test
Suite is not meant to test the HTML4 implementation, only the DOM one.
However, if your HTML4 implementation badly broken, you'll have a hard
time running the DOM test suite. Adding a test for usemap in the DOM
test suite would be however inappropriate imho. Given that the HTML4
specification is normatively referenced in DOM2, I would advocate that
you are not compliant with DOM2 because of your usemap HTML attribute
handling, but it's your HTML implementation (or the HTML spec) that
needs to be fixed, not the DOM implementation/specification.


Received on Friday, 25 October 2002 11:39:45 UTC