Re: [Events] removeEventListener on EventListeners currently being processed

Curt Arnold wrote:
> In the following passage, my original statement is preceded by >>
> "Arnaud Le Hors" <> wrote (>)
> > > The third test checks removing an event listener in the middle of an
> > > event dispatch sequence.  The spec says that a listener should recieve
> > > no events after removal.
> >
> > You're right there, that's what the spec currently says. But the spec is
> > wrong, though. It is meant to say the opposite. I just double-checked
> > with Joe Kesselman who was very much involved in the development of that
> > spec and who implemented it in Xerces and he confirmed my fears.
> > I will bring it up to the DOM Working Group, I would expect an erratum
> > to be published.

The DOM Level 2 specification reflects our intent. An event listener will never
be invoked after it is removed.

> Of course, deliberations of the DOM WG aren't available to the public.

I did the search and found the response ... in the DOM public mailing list.

We changed the specification following a comment from Ralph Levien during the CR


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