StyleSheet inconsistency?

The spec for StyleSheet.disabled says this:

	<code>false</code> if the style sheet is applied to the document.
	<code>true</code> if it is not. Modifying this attribute may cause a
	new resolution of style for the document. A stylesheet only applies if
	both an appropriate medium definition is present and the disabled
	attribute is false. So, if the media doesn't apply to the current user
	agent, the <code>disabled</code> attribute is ignored.

The last sentence implies that the disabled and media attributes are
independent of one another.  But then the description of the media
attribute says this:

	The intended destination media for style information.  The media
	is often specified in the <code>ownerNode</code>. If no media
	has been specified, the <code>MediaList</code> will be
	empty. See the media attribute definition for the
	<code>LINK</code> element in HTML 4.0, and the media
	pseudo-attribute for the XML style sheet processing instruction.
	Modifying the media list may cause a change to the attribute

The last sentence of this description implies that these two attributes
are linked together.  It seems unnecessary to alter the disabled
attribute since we've read above that disabled will be ignored when the
media attribute doesn't apply.

The specification could work as written, but it looks to me like this is
a slip-up in the specification.

Comments and clarifications welcome!

	 David Flanagan

Received on Monday, 20 August 2001 13:40:42 UTC