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> > 3) CSSPrimitiveValue.setStringValue() accepts a stringType parameter.
> > 3a) According to the spec, stringType is "A string code as defined
> > The string code can only be a string unit type (e.g. CSS_URI, CSS_IDENT,
> You found an error in the specification. This statement is deprecated and
> should be removed.

Thanks for clearing that up, Phillipe. One other point about
CSSPrimitiveValue.setStringValue(): The listed types do not include
CSS_STRING. Perhaps the specification is not meaning to provide an
exhaustive list here, but I'm assuming it is
(CSSPrimitiveValue.setFloatValue() seems exhaustive at first glance).

It might be clearer if
A) "e.g." is changed to "i.e." in both places to indicate that the lists for
CSSPrimitiveValue.setFloatValue() and CSSPrimitiveValue.setStringValue() are
both exhaustive.
B) CSS_STRING is added to the list of possible values for


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