Re: comments/questions/suggestions/bug reports for DOM Level 2

Garret Wilson wrote:
> 1) Inheritance: The interface CSSPrimitiveValue descends from CSSValue.


> 1a) This means that every CSSPrimitiveValue has a "valueType" property which
> holds one of the constants of CSSValue.

Every CSSPrimitiveValue has a "valueType" property and the value of this
property can only be CSS_PRIMITIVE_VALUE.

> 1c) I take this to mean that whenever I have the CSSValue interface with its
> "valueType" set to CSS_PRIMITIVE_VALUE, the interface is also a
> CSSPrimitiveValue (meaning I can cast the CSSValue to a CSSPrimitiveValue).
> Or conversely, CSSPrimitiveValue.valuteType will always equal

correct. We'll try to clarify this in the next version.
> 2) CSSPrimitiveValue defines a separate property, "primitiveType," which is
> distinct from CSSValue.valueType.
> 3) CSSPrimitiveValue.setStringValue() accepts a stringType parameter.
> 3a) According to the spec, stringType is "A string code as defined above.
> The string code can only be a string unit type (e.g. CSS_URI, CSS_IDENT,

You found an error in the specification. This statement is deprecated and
should be removed.


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