Re: DOM L2 comments, various

On 27 Sep 99, at 8:01, David Brownell wrote:

> A few more comments on the core, and a correction to what I said earlier.
> The NamedNodeMap.setNamedItemNS method seems to be missing.


> 1.1.1	The description of "Document" should also say that there may only
> 	be a maximum of one DocumentType; it's not just true for Elements.


> 1.2	DOMImplementation.createDocumentType ... the more I look at it,	
> 	the less I like the notion that the document type be associated
> 	with some document "late" in the game.  Every node in the doctype
> 	then needs to be able to get coupled "late" to an owning document,
> 	rather than being so coupled from day one.  That basically means
> 	every type of node in the whole DOM, not just DocumentType, may
> 	need to work with a null ownerDocument.  Yuck.

We agreed not to allow addition or removal of a DocumentType node from a document. A newly created DocumentType can only be used for creating a new Document. 

> 1.2	Node.cloneNode ... clones are always mutable, yes?  Needs stating;
> 	else a conformant implementation couldn't support the process that
> 	was outlined with Entity nodes (mutating clones of readonly nodes).


> 1.2	NamedNodeMap.*ItemNS ... what should this do when being used to
> 	access items (notations and entities from the DTD) that aren't
> 	scoped with namespaces?  How about if the namespace URI is null?

Still being discussed.

> 	NamedNodeMap.setNamedItemNS ... no such method; why?  Everywhere
> 	else there are both namespace-naive and namespace-aware methods,
> 	but this one (very important!) case is omitted.


> 	NamedNodeMap.removeNamedItem ... should be able to report an
> 	error (NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERR) for readonly maps, just
> 	like the setNamedItem method.

Correct; fixed.

> 	NamedNodeMap.item ... negative indices should return null too

Yes, I think so.

> 1.3	DocumentType ... please change the "publicID" and "systemID" to
> 	match the case ("Id" not "ID") in Notation and Entity nodes.  It's
> 	a gratuitous change in convention, and complicates some code
> 	sharing that would otherwise be natural.



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