Re: DOM L2 comments, various

On 28 Sep 99, at 9:18, David Brownell wrote:

> MutationEvents in 6.6.4 ... consider a Document, with one Element.  That
> Element has an Attr object which has one child, a Text node.
> Now let's say that text node gets modified.  What events will fire?
>    In the Attribute's tree
> 	- DOMCharacterDataModified, delivered to the text node
> 	- DOMSubtreeModified, delivered to the attribute
>    In the Element's tree
> 	- DOMAttrModified, delivered to the element
> 	- DOMSubtreeModified, delivered to the element
> Within each tree, bubbling and capturing apply.
> Q:  Is that right?
> A:	...
> SUGGESTION:  The text should make clear that a document isn't the only
> example given of the "top of a subtree". DocumentFragments and Attributes,
> plus disconnected elements, are other common cases.

The events listed are correct, and bubbling and capturing do apply. 
So the spec isn't too bad ;-)

"Subtree" refers to any subtree within the document; if there were a 
restriction we would detail what it is.


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