Re: DOM L2 RFE wrote:
> > There's no way to associate NOTATION or ENTITY nodes with a doctype node.
> DocumentType's "entities" and "notations" attributes are NamedNodeMaps. You
> can retrieve the appropriate NamedNodeMap, then use its setNamedItem
> methods to add one of these definitions.

Those are required to be readonly NamedNodeMap objects.  See the DOM L1
spec as regards the definitions of those attributes.  The phrase is
"cannot be altered in any way".  What you suggest is nonconformant.

> The real problem is that there's no factory method for NOTATIONs or
> ENTITYs. And DOM Level 2 doesn't fix this.

Like I said, the RFE is **for DOM L2** ... no new features, only asking
completion of support for the existing features.  Like finishing the
support for DocumentType objects which L2 has already started.

- Dave

Received on Thursday, 18 November 1999 17:28:37 UTC