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>>There's no way to associate NOTATION or ENTITY nodes with a doctype node.
>DocumentType's "entities" and "notations" attributes are NamedNodeMaps. You
>can retrieve the appropriate NamedNodeMap, then use its setNamedItem
>methods to add one of these definitions.
>The real problem is that there's no factory method for NOTATIONs or
>ENTITYs. And DOM Level 2 doesn't fix this.
>Level 3 will have to, as part of the DTD/Content Model support.
>Joe Kesselman  / IBM Research

I believe any attempt to set or remove an entity or notation should result in 
an exception in DOM level 1 or two.

There needs to be a way to do this, but there are issues of liveness to be
worked out before it can be supported in a standard way by the specification.

Ray Whitmer

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