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Re: Fwd: Web Components vs Extract Widget patent

From: Daniel Glazman <daniel.glazman@disruptive-innovations.com>
Date: Wed, 20 May 2015 13:24:18 -0400
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(disclaimers: I am not a lawyer; this message cc:ed to www-archive)

> 1- A process to display a gadget coming from a source web page from a
> web site in a target web page including the following steps:
>       a) individualization of different objects contained in the source
> web page, each of them being defined by a proper content and proper
> description parameters describing a structure of the object
>       b) selection of at least one of the object in the source page
>       c) selective extraction, for the selected object, of its
> description parameters and its content, or of its description parameters
> alone; and
>       d) display of the gadget in the target web page, from the
> description parameters and content, or from the description parameters
> alone

As far as I am concerned, and looking at the description just above, I
think there is some prior art to your patent application. Your FR patent
application is from July 2010 and I released back in September 2008 an
implementation of Web Slices (a Microsoft technology they released in
2008 inside IE 8beta1) for Firefox that does exactly what you say:
extract any portion of a given web page and turn it into a gadget. My
implementation also included selection of a page fragment and display
as a gadget.
Microsoft was perfectly aware of my implementation and I was in regular
touch with their team at that time, although I was not working for them
nor had I any contracting link with them.

Please also note my company is a french company incorporated on french

My 0.02€...

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