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Re: Fwd: Web Components vs Extract Widget patent

From: Aymeric Vitte <vitteaymeric@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 21 May 2015 12:07:50 +0200
Message-ID: <555DAE76.7090609@gmail.com>
To: Daniel Glazman <daniel.glazman@disruptive-innovations.com>
CC: art.barstow@gmail.com, www-archive <www-archive@w3.org>

Thanks for the feedback (Art, if by any chance I do not answer to an
email related to this subject, please email me directly since the w3c
emails get filtered in the lists).


I have mentioned the Web Slices at the begining of the patent and
explained why it's different, since you are French and if you have time
you can read it (http://www.peersm.com/ew.pdf).

The enormous difference between what describes the patent and all
existing technologies when we issued it is that all existing
technologies were producing gadgets:

- that were sandboxed (iframes for example) and could not interact with
the other elements of the web page where they were injected
- that were displayed alone
- that needed some specific format, development skills or tools (like
browsers) to be created and displayed

To my knowledge, at that time no project never envisioned at any moment
any gadgets that could be integrated into a web page as normal browser
elements (ie DOM elements) possibly interacting with the other browser
elements of the page while keeping their own properties not interfering
between each others, which is very exactly what the patent describes and
what the Web Components are about.

One of the reason probably is that this was extraordinarly complicate to
perform at that time, like for our past projects, and still is today,
except if we use the Web Components or widget-like concepts of today.

The patent describes an universal method to accomplish the above and the
definition of a "gadget" in the patent is very clear regarding its
ability to interact with the rest of the page (if not the concepts are
of no use)

I have tried to detail all this and performed a detailed comparison with
the Web Components and widget-like project here:

- "Main claim, scope and application"

Which shows that not only Web Components are impacted, but all
widget-like projects, so thousands of projects.

and here:

-"Extract Widget" Patent FR2962237 - Process to create an application of
gadget type incorporated into a container of widget type" -

The second gist is a bit long and the translation of the patent probably
not perfect, beside the detailed comparison for each claim of the patent
with the Web Components, the most interesting section is probably: "The
patent vs the traditional approach = Web Components"


I understand we should not discuss this on the lists but will answer
with a copy of part of this email so things are clear regarding what we
claim and our intentions.



Le 20/05/2015 19:24, Daniel Glazman a écrit :
> Hello,
> (disclaimers: I am not a lawyer; this message cc:ed to www-archive)
>> 1- A process to display a gadget coming from a source web page from a
>> web site in a target web page including the following steps:
>>       a) individualization of different objects contained in the source
>> web page, each of them being defined by a proper content and proper
>> description parameters describing a structure of the object
>>       b) selection of at least one of the object in the source page
>>       c) selective extraction, for the selected object, of its
>> description parameters and its content, or of its description parameters
>> alone; and
>>       d) display of the gadget in the target web page, from the
>> description parameters and content, or from the description parameters
>> alone
> As far as I am concerned, and looking at the description just above, I
> think there is some prior art to your patent application. Your FR patent
> application is from July 2010 and I released back in September 2008 an
> implementation of Web Slices (a Microsoft technology they released in
> 2008 inside IE 8beta1) for Firefox that does exactly what you say:
> extract any portion of a given web page and turn it into a gadget. My
> implementation also included selection of a page fragment and display
> as a gadget.
> Microsoft was perfectly aware of my implementation and I was in regular
> touch with their team at that time, although I was not working for them
> nor had I any contracting link with them.
> Please also note my company is a french company incorporated on french
> soil.
> My 0.02€...
> </Daniel>
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> Disruptive Innovations SAS, CEO
> W3C CSS Working Group, Co-chairman

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