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> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

* [1] needs a "Status: ..." type statement like [3] has in its boilerplate.

* [1] and [3] should explicitly state in their boilerplate that comments 
and change requests are welcome and include a publicly archived list for 
the comments and diffs.

* [2] include the status of the TF and if it is still active, how one 
can join. I also think the TF's participant list shouldn't be hidden 
behind Member confidentiality.

* [2] asking to send comments to a private list seems inconsistent with 
literally creating a `positive work environment`. As such this doc 
should also include a public list for comments and change requests.

* [1], [3] add these as new components to one of the consortium's Public 
Bug/Issue Tracker systems such as 
<> and include a link to 
the tracker in the document's boilerplate.

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