Re: Comments on draft-mcdonald-ipps-uri-scheme-00.txt

* Ira McDonald wrote:
>Mike Sweet (co-editor) is the author of the open source CUPS that is the
>most widely deployed implementation of IPP (RFC 2910/2911) - all Mac,
>Linux, and UNIX systems ship with it default or as an option.
>Background to the UTF-8 encoding issue:
>"ipp:" URIs (RFC 3510 and 2910) are converted VERBATIM to "http:" URIs
>(only inserting port 631, if needed, to avoid port 80 defaulting).
>"ipps:" URIs (this spec) are converted VERBATIM to "https:" URIs (doing
>the same port 631 fixup).
>"https:" URI are defined in RFC 2817 and we can't constrain them further,
>because CUPS has supported "ipps:" for years and users expect to be
>able to use ANY valid "https:" URI for a target Printer object.

Then I'd be satisfied if the draft said the considerations for handling
characters in the path and query components are the same as those for
the "http" and "https" schemes. You could get further guidance from

  * - the mailing list for URI scheme reviews
  *   - the mailing list of the IETF IRI Working Group
  * - the mailing list of the IETF HTTPbis WG

I hope that helps,
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