Re: W3C communities and its modus operandi

On 25 Feb 2009, at 23:04, Karl Dubost wrote:

> Le 25 févr. 2009 ā 17:44, Bijan Parsia a écrit :
>> Karl, maybe I just can't read what you write very well. Sorry  
>> about that. I'll try harder. I don't know what you mean by:
> ok sorry about that.
>> """Ahaha. One of the most misunderstood message. One of this  
>> crisis where everyone rallied behind a few words for burning  
>> witches. Björn had valid critics which led him to stop  
>> participating to the *open source project of validators*. Björn is  
>> still actively participating to the CSS WG.
> At the time, a burst of blog posts arise with "W3C sucks so bad  
> that Björn is leaving W3C."
> Context:


Thanks! When I get a chance I'll try an see if I can synthesize a  
draft of a Lessons Learned like document for this case.


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