Re: W3C communities and its modus operandi

Le 25 févr. 2009 ā 17:44, Bijan Parsia a écrit :
> Karl, maybe I just can't read what you write very well. Sorry about  
> that. I'll try harder. I don't know what you mean by:

ok sorry about that.

> """Ahaha. One of the most misunderstood message. One of this crisis  
> where everyone rallied behind a few words for burning witches. Björn  
> had valid critics which led him to stop participating to the *open  
> source project of validators*. Björn is still actively participating  
> to the CSS WG.

At the time, a burst of blog posts arise with "W3C sucks so bad that  
Björn is leaving W3C."


> ...
> Björn is complaining in this message that it is difficult to develop  
> the validator because there is not much support from the WG. There  
> was this idea floating at a point that validators should be taken  
> care by WGs. It never happened. Resources.
> """
> The first lie suggested to me that *I* had misunderstood the message  
> and that you were offering a correction.

Sorry again I was illustrating of one of the issues.

Björn's message, and not only björn's, are part of a discussion on a  
long time which led at a point to this message

Reinventing HTML.

And finally,
W3C Launches New HTML Working Group

> Neither sentence touched on the point of procedural problems with WGs.

I do not have a binary answer (unfortunately for me). When I was a  
Team member, there are days I wished everything was on public record,  
because of double talk of some people. Sometimes, the opposite,  
because of people jumping to conclusions and giving into conspiracy  
theory. This one is strange to me. When you say everything you know  
honestly in public, people still go on saying that you are hiding  
things. Depending on which mood you are waking up with, it can be  
difficult to handle ;)

Honestly speaking, W3C is really a wonderful organization with a lot  
of dedicated people (with not too much resources in their hands time  
and money). It can certainly be improved… but like everything else. :)

Karl Dubost
Montréal, QC, Canada

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