Re: disinterested chairing [was Re: summary="" in HTML5]

I imagine that many will be interested in following this
discussion, but a subscription to www-archive is likely
to result in a great deal of unrelated correspondence.

May I suggest that you (Sam) repeat your request on
www-archive, giving it a suitable subject line, and
then let members of public-html know the subject
line that you have chosen so that they can then
subscribe to www-archive but filter the messages
accordingly ?

Sam Ruby wrote:
> Robert J Burns wrote:
> [snip]
> I request that no replies to either Robert's email or mine copy the 
> public-html mailing list.
> If there are concerns about my suitability as chair, please forward them 
> to Philippe Le Hégaret.  If you wish such interactions to be a matter of 
> the public record, feel free to copy www-archive[2].
> Thanks
> - Sam Ruby
> [1]
> [2]

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