Re: euler state of the art?

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> Dan Connolly wrote:
> [...]
>>> I tried my euler install last night, and it's lightning
>>> fast, but it doesn't have all the built-ins I need.
>>> In particular, I added support for fn:resolve-uri
>>> and fn:tokenize from XQuery to cwm this week.
>> It is pretty straightforward to write builtins in euler.yap
>> but I should study your builtins a little more..
> I haven't made much progress yet with some of those builtins..

fn:resolve-uri corresponds to url_info_relative/3 in the pillow library.
I can almost see how to add it myself, but I moved to my laptop
and I haven't recreated the http/REST setup and I'm
having trouble figuring out how to test euler.yap outside the http/REST 

fn:tokenize is like re.split() in python... I see a regular expression
module in yap, but no split predicate. I guess it can be implemented
in terms of matching... hmm... actually, I need, not
re.match(), and I don't see that in yap.

> I was not sure about list:member, but implemented it as inverse of 
> list:in

yes, i think that's right.

> Anyhow, to test builtins, I use a growing bunch of test cases in
> giving proof output

Do you have a way of testing offline? do you use a proxy cache
or something? I was trying to work on a plane.

Dan Connolly, W3C

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