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> The euler5 prolog version is best run as RESTfull webservice
> (see again
> as it needs the euler1 java version to do the N3->YAP 

OK, I got Yapp installed, and I'm working on the Codd stuff...
One quick question while I'm at it: what about built-ins
that call out to the Web, like log:semantics? Should
I expect that to work in this java/prolog/REST setup?

It would be a big help if Euler could do PAW
proofs faster than cwm. Here's one of our examples;
could you try to run this on Euler?

This example can be run as 

cwm --rdf
--n3 --think

If cwm was installed correctly, the following is the output 

#Processed by Id:,v 1.176 2005/08/10 17:03:22 syosi Exp 
        #    using base file:/....
#  Notation3 generation by
#,v 1.183 2005/08/22 21:12:53 timbl Exp

#   Base was: file:/...
     @prefix : <> .
     @prefix http: <> .
    <>     :ans :Valid;
         :requester  [
             http:can-get <> ] .

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