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[closed] Re: Few CWM Bugs

[closed] Re: llyn.py Content Sniffing Problem Patch

[closed] Re: Problems running CWM tests locally

[closed] Re: public CVS for swap stuff (cwm, n3, ...)

[closed] Re: relativeURI Patch

[closed] Re: some cwm performance discussion, with numbers

[closed] Re: test/ref files depend on devel/WWW file layout

[Fwd: Some questions about Named Graphs]

[wbs] W3C/MIT response to 'RDF Data Access WG: initial design'

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Generic SWAarchitecture

Here is my updated 'Choreography & WS-CDL' presentation reflecting the latest draft

identification section -- mostly editorial

introducing 'agents' in webarch abstract


Manditory vs. Optional graph names in TriX

Member list to Xml

New version of WordNet RDFS

Proposal for a public draft of a note on classes as values

Proposal for the first public working draft

Proposal for the first public working draft of the note on n-ary relations

Ruby RDF



W3C specs reformatted

web forms comments

Web-Quality article vs. Conneg

webarch-20040606: section 1 and 2 Reviews

WonderWeb draft report on ontology reengineering

XML+CSS annotator using libcroco

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