03:48:38 <AaronSw> Anybody know how to spell ky-RON?
03:49:49 <cowan> AaronSw: context?
03:50:15 <AaronSw> it's the thing that goes at the bottom of the 
television picture to give the name and affilation of the current 
talking head
04:01:11 <AaronSw> So nobody knows how to spell kyron?
04:01:50 <cowan> I've been googling w/o success.
04:59:40 <deltab> where did you hear "kyron" for those?
05:03:10 <deltab> as far as I know, they're called astons

He's right, as usual, but in America they're Chyrons too:

'Aston' is TV-company-speak for a caption, if we wanted to put something 
on the screen without having to write it down on a piece of cardboard. 
In this case, the caption was for our (old) telephone number. They're 
called 'Astons' because one of the most popular pieces of equipment to 
do captions is made by a company called Aston. (It's like you might call 
your vacuum cleaner a 'Hoover', even if it isn't made by the Hoover 
company.. but our Aston really is made by Aston.)

Also known as "character generators", we often call them "chyrons" in 
the states, but, like Astons, many of use use the "chyron" name, whether 
they're made by the Chyron company or not.
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Sean B. Palmer,

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