Re: [w3photo] Image regions

On Wednesday 21 January 2004 10:07, Benjamin Nowack wrote:
> - I'd like this single "coords" prop for all Regions
>   (btw, the example still uses "points" for some regions)
Yep, thanks for the pointer, I've fixed it.

> - I would prefer space separated points (i.e. {0,0 100,100}
>   instead of {0,0,100,100}. It would be easier to split for me.
>   But I guess you had your reasons.
I agree on it being easier to parse, but you're right about the reasons. It 
was an conscious decision, to support a syntax that covered both of SVG 
(which doesn't care) and HTML image maps.

I see that Masahide has also commented on this, but I'll be happy to write a 
simple named XSLT template that handles the conversion. :)

Seriously, yes, this way is somewhat harder to parse, but only by a fraction, 
and it has the clear advantage of being able to be directly fed to both of 
SVG and image maps, the two (so far) main identified "platforms".

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