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"Morten Frederiksen" <>
>> - I would prefer space separated points (i.e. {0,0 100,100}
>>   instead of {0,0,100,100}. It would be easier to split for me.
>>   But I guess you had your reasons.
>I agree on it being easier to parse, but you're right about the reasons. It
>was an conscious decision, to support a syntax that covered both of SVG
>(which doesn't care) and HTML image maps.

Me and Morten just discussed this (ending at)

and I think as there's really no tools we can imagine that are so stupid
they can't do the conversion from space to comma for image maps - we might
aswell have space.

So unless any objections are voiced we're now proposing a space seperated
list of points which are integer pairs.

A circle would be "X,Y R"
A rect would be "X1,Y1 X2,Y2"
and a Polygon would be "X1,Y1 Xn,Yn ... "


On another topic, I'd also like an SVGPath Class which has a path attribute,
this is not limited to Integers and allows the full functionality of the SVG
Path, for this I would encourage a rectangular bounding box to be included,
but also potentially a PolygonBounding box which we may also want to define.

Thoughts on that?



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Received on Wednesday, 21 January 2004 17:12:07 UTC