XForms Basic commentary

editable="editable" doesn't seem so ugly; it's a similar attribute value to those XHTML 1.0+ defines.

Section 2.1, the Number type conforms to IEEE 754, according to ECMA-262, Section 8.5.

Section 3.4, the add button should probably be in a <tfoot><tr><td>...</td></tr></tfoot> section.

Section 4:  Are additional events needed for adding and subtracting rows from a repeat template, or for moving a repetition block?  You have the DOM 2 mutation events for altering the document, and the click event for the add/remove/move buttons.  But for the repeat template itself, perhaps it would be appropriate to dispatch events there too, and have the template's default event listener for those events be the methods you describe.

You might want to prefix the events introduced with "XFormsBasic".  Consider DOM 2 Events, which added several events (notably mutations), all of which were prefixed with "DOM".

You mention namespaces a couple times; this specification should define its own namespace, probably, or use the XForms namespace.

Section 5.3, "The message entity is an XML 1.1 document..."  This is, imho, a very bad idea.  It should allow XML 1.0 as well!  (Note that XML 1.1 support in many web applications will not be available right away...)  Also, what if there ever is an XML 1.2?

Just stuff off the top of my head; I may be offline for the next three weeks.

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Received on Thursday, 4 December 2003 23:46:34 UTC