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On Fri, 5 Dec 2003 wrote:
> editable="editable" doesn't seem so ugly; it's a similar attribute value
> to those XHTML 1.0+ defines.

Yeah, they're ugly too. :-)

> Section 3.4, the add button should probably be in a
> <tfoot><tr><td>...</td></tr></tfoot> section.

It could. I think that would confuse the example a bit though so I'll
leave it as is for now.

> Section 4:  Are additional events needed for adding and subtracting rows
> from a repeat template, or for moving a repetition block?  You have the
> DOM 2 mutation events for altering the document, and the click event for
> the add/remove/move buttons.  But for the repeat template itself,
> perhaps it would be appropriate to dispatch events there too, and have
> the template's default event listener for those events be the methods
> you describe.

Interesting idea. I'll look into it.

> You might want to prefix the events introduced with "XFormsBasic".
> Consider DOM 2 Events, which added several events (notably mutations),
> all of which were prefixed with "DOM".

I did consider this, but as this is intended to work in an XHTML context,
I think it would look a bit odd.

> You mention namespaces a couple times; this specification should define
> its own namespace, probably, or use the XForms namespace.

It uses the XHTML namespace. I do not want to require that authors declare
two namespaces just to write Web pages.

> Section 5.3, "The message entity is an XML 1.1 document..."  This is,
> imho, a very bad idea.  It should allow XML 1.0 as well!  (Note that XML
> 1.1 support in many web applications will not be available right
> away...)

1.1 support should be available by the time this spec becomes widely used.
(It is trivial to upgrade a 1.0 parser to 1.1.) The point is to limit the
possible outputs as much as possible so that the job of parsing the result
is very easy.

> Also, what if there ever is an XML 1.2?

What about it? A new version of this spec could be released to address
this, if needed.

Thanks for your feedback!

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