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Re: [RSS-DEV] Why not separate the RSS part form the RDF part?

From: Kevin A. Burton <burton@openprivacy.org>
Date: 07 Sep 2002 19:48:36 -0700
To: rss-dev@yahoogroups.com
Cc: "Dan Brickley" <danbri@w3.org>, <www-archive+rss@w3.org>
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"Seth Russell" <seth@robustai.net> writes:

> From: "Dan Brickley" <danbri@w3.org>
> > > Why not separate a super simple (yet extensible) RSS ... say like
> Aaron's
> > > RSS 3.0 proposal, or whatever .. from the full power of RDF ?
> >
> > We did. It's called RSS 1.0! RSS 1.0 limits the full RDF syntax, and
> > allows for RDF extension data to be included both inline or by reference.
> Personally I have no problem with RSS 1.0.  My proposal was for those who
> want to push for simplification.  Having a simple feed that points to full
> blown totally unrestrained RDF files is one solution that allows us to cover
> all design goals.  Come to think of it,  If Dave Winer would allow optional
> semref element in his feeds, that would solve the problem.

I have been thinking about this since my last blog [1] on the 'End of RSS

I think that a common ground can be put forth if we include the mod_link [2]
module into RSS 0.94 then we can support advanced RDF and other functionality
within a simple RSS format in a very adhoc and decentralized manner.

I think this goes above and beyond what we did with namespace modularization in
that we can link to addition RDF/XML files without modifying the original (just
a link) RSS or bloating it.

I will formalize my thoughts and send off anoTher email shortly.

1. http://www.peerfear.org/rss/permalink/1031305367.shtml
2. http://web.resource.org/rss/1.0/modules/link/

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