I would use a persistent RDF database for keeping track of what has been
rated. I would like to have something working reasonably well to demonstrate
this - the stuff at is a
first attempt, but I need to code up some of the rules better. There is no
reason why the report tool can't have an RDF bit added to it that provides
fodder for the database.


On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Wendy A Chisholm wrote:

  Perhaps we should be more involved in the discussions on the 
  w3c-rdf-interest list?  [1]
  There is currently a thread started by Dan Brickley called, "'Semantic Web 
  Accessibility'? - notes on XSLT and Schematron-RDF."
  Has everyone downloaded and played with the Schematron?  I think everyone 
  should.  It raises interesting questions like:
  1. instead of writing a "prose" document like the ERT, should we create a 
  schema (basically a set of rules) like he has already done for WCAG? [2]
  2. we have talked briefly about a technique that would use RDF to keep 
  track of what tests a site/page has passed.  Could we build on the 
  schematron for this?
  3. In Dan's original post [3] he says, "XSLT has great expressive power 
  that can be easily applied to extracting / summarising and analysing XML 
  web content into an RDF-processable form. Progress with this, for semantic 
  web and WAI efforts, might be made easier if we had some taxonomy of XSLT 
  stylesheets, so that an RDF agent could select appropriate stylesheets 
  according to task at hand."  If our tools summarized the analysis into an 
  RDF-processable form, then data could be shared between tools.  This has 
  also been discussed on the list.
  Thoughts??  Ideas for discussion at the Face2face?
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