Re: Table Attribute Background

Hmmm. There are a number of things that work the same way. I agree that Amaya
should be strict in producing and tolerant in accepting. But it is difficult
even to remove elements that are unwanted, like presentation elements or
presentation (e.g. BLINK) that are not part of the specifications that Amaya
works to. The obvious way is to use the transformation language, or an XSLT
version of the same function. Another approach would be to provide the option
to run the source through Tidy and convert things to style or remove them or

This is probably something that should have a bit of thought first. But I
agree that it is something that would make Amaya much easier to use. (My
personal example is wanting to change all the i elements in a document to em,
or wanting to simply remove all the small elements)


Charles McCN

On Thu, 18 Jan 2001, Vincent QUINT wrote:


  According the HTML 4.01 specification [1], background is not
  a legal attribute for the table element. That's why Amaya
  does not propose it in the Attribute menu.

  On the other hand, you are right: it interprets it if it's in
  the source. This does not seem very consistant. The reason is
  that Amaya tries to be strict in what it produces and tolerant
  on what it accepts.



  Josef Dalcolmo wrote:
  > Dear Mr/Mrs!
  > When selecting a 'table' tag, the Attribute menu does not show the
  > 'background' attribute, even though such an attribute is interpreted by
  > Amaya in the way one would expect, if present in the source. This makes it
  > hard to edit such an attribute and I believe it to be a bug.
  > I am using Amaya-V4.2.1 on Win2000.
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