Re: How aria-multiselectable applies to TreeViews

I'm not opposed to opening an ARIA 2.0 issue for adding a "mixed" state for aria-selected, but you'll be able to sell the idea better if you come up with a real-world scenario where this might be useful. Many cases would/could be covered by nested menus with groups of menuitemradio elements. 

On Nov 26, 2010, at 4:18 PM, Todd Kloots wrote:

> I am curious how it is imagined that the "aria-multiselectable" and "aria-selected" properties apply to a TreeView control?  The ARIA spec indicates that the "aria-multiselectable" property can be used with the the "tree" role, and the "aria-selected" state with "treeitem".  However, the "aria-selected" state only accepts a boolean.  How should developers indicate parent nodes in a partially selected stated - some tree items selected, some not.  And how is a screen reader supposed to announce the partially selected state of a parent node?
> I've yet to find any ARIA TreeView examples that make use of "aria-multiselectable", but considering the spec indicates that it applies to trees and the ARIA Authoring Practices specifies keyboard shortcuts for supporting multiple selection on trees, I figured some thought must have been given to this use case.
> Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Todd

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