[aapi] UAI TF meeting agenda, December 9, 2010

************* Note that the meeting is now at 15:00 UTC due to daylight
savings time ending in the US *********************

The User Agent Implementation task force meeting will be at 15:00 UTC on
Thursday, December 2nd:
• 7:00 AM Pacific
• 10:00 AM Eastern
• 14:00 UK

** Action Items from December 2nd:
*** Cynthia: continue discussion with Windows team on bug 6883
*** Cynthia: open issue for ARIA 2.0 about a pattern based approach
*** Andi: follow up with ARIA TF on bug 7634
*** Andi: talk to Michael about rowgroup for bug 10288
*** Cynthia: work on bug 8319
*** Cynthia: investigate how IE handles aria-labeledby reference to element
with role="presentation" (bug 9656)
*** Andi to follow up with Steven Faulkner on bug 7984
*** Andi: ask ARIA TF for help on action 503
*** Andi: follow up with Apple on API mapping for aria-dropeffect (action
*** Cynthia: find out what IE does with aria-hidden. Does it remove the
element from the tree? (action 666)
*** Andi: talk to Michael about HTML specific sections (e.g. tabindex) and
those that are not specific to WAI-ARIA but are included for clarification
(e.g. Changes to document content or node visibility)

** Bugs: http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/buglist.cgi?product=ARIA

** Tracker Actions: http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/Group/track/products/10

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