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This is the reason why you can easily override the "forced mode switch" caused by role=application with new Jaws Navmode switches in Jaws 11.

The users who complain just have to have this update.

But this is a workaround, not the real thing. Blind Jaws users are also used to use Virtual mode as a last resort, because generally the web authors don't care about keyboard navigation.

The article presumes that web authors who have to implement keyboard navigation will either be lazy (supply none), non-standard (because there is none, only which is still not "W3C official") or erroneous (everybody may miss something), and if so, Jaws Virtual Mode is the savior.

But honestly, what the world needs is 

a) A standardized Specification how to do Keyboard Navigation for/in Web Widgets authorized by W3C

b) An explicit checkpoint in WCAG 2.0+ to obey this specification

c) An Keyboard Navigation Consistency Checker for web authors

Too much in web accessibility (especially keyboard support) is still based on the goodwill of the authors.

The article also deals with something I call "the usability of accessibility and the expectation interest of users".

Jaws users are USED to a certain navigation paradigm, and if navigation by HEADING is NOT working in the application mode then either this needs to be supported in this mode or (as in Jaws 11) was worked around by having that dynamic mode switch.

I know also votings from the blind community that there should be as much as possible feature-equivalence between the two modes. Jaws has not implemented this so far, reasons unknown. But if so, it will make future musings obsolete and will just enhance the product.


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Musings on ARIA role="application"  blog post by Terrill Thompson
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